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Diabetic Feet

Proper foot care is critical in both early and late stages of diabetes. Book your appointment today to talk about your particular diagnosis and how to best care for your feet for the long-term.


How are my feet at risk?

Diabetic foot complications

Because of the nerve damage that often occurs in people suffering from diabetes, feet can become numb and therefore susceptible to further injury. 


Cuts, sores, and blisters which wouldn’t otherwise be a problem, can quickly become infected and malignant if unnoticed and untreated. 


Reduced blood flow is another common complication of diabetes without proper care and attention could result in permanent damage to foot tissues, especially in the toes. 

Common symptoms associated with diabetic feet:

  • Slow healing

  • Numb and tingling sensations

  • Dry and cracked skin

  • Recurring infection

  • Thick yellow nails


We’ve published two resources to help our patients develop sustainable foot care practices and slow the impact of diabetes on their feet. We offer both for free below and welcome anyone with questions to book an appointment with us ASAP.

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